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Scale By The Bay

Code and Data in the Age of AI

The 10th Anniversary SBTB is coming back for its best year ever!

November 13-15, Oakland

Stay tuned for more updates!

In Person!

About the event

Scale By the Bay is a developers' own conference. It is a community conference with the best Bay Area meetups and technologies powering the global leaders in data, operations, ML, and the art and craft of software engineering.

Since 2020, SBTB is produced by Konfy, an all-women tech company creating events with love, by developers, for developers.


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functional programming
end-to-end data pipelines
cloud-native applications
AI/ML at scale
full-stack reactive systems
always community first!

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Anthony J. Annunziata is the Director of Accelerated Discovery platform and ecosystem at IBM. He leads a global team bringing together foundation model and generative AI, quantum, and high performance hybrid cloud computing to deploy a revolutionary new technology platform to accelerate discovery and solution creation in science and business. As a core part of this mission, Anthony and team are cultivating a new community of partners, developers and scientists to advance the application of this advanced technology to challenges in health, climate, energy, manufacturing, and beyond that are crucial to societal progress and prosperity.

Anthony earned his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Yale University with a focus on superconducting devices and nanofabrication, and holds 102 patents.

Anthony Annunziuata

Anthony Annunziuata

Director of Accelerated Discovery platform and ecosystem at IBM

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Last Edition


Exposing an HTTP API using Scala3

Adam Warski

It's about time to leverage the new features available in Scala3! A number of libraries have been updated, making it possible to write fully-functional applications using the latest Scala version.

You'll create a basic application from scratch, exposing an HTTP API, using the following Scala3 features:
* enums to define data structures
* opaque types for even more type-safety
* typeclass derivation using the `derives` keyword
* extension methods
* new braceless syntax


Build a Production-ready Data Access Layer with GraphQL and Hasura

Jesse Martin

In this live, hands-on workshop, Hasura will introduce the concept of a data mesh, data federation with GraphQL and how to aggregate different APIs into a unified GraphQL layer with Hasura.

It will cover:
* An introduction to GraphQL and the concept of the Data Mesh
* How to set up a GraphQL API using Hasura
* How to join across multiple data sources and APIs
* How to add use Hasura’s auth system to create roles and restrict access to data
* How to connect the GraphQL API to a frontend client



SBTB started as a conference of the Silicon Valley meetups.
Our members build the new world


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