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Fabiana Clemente: Unlocking the Power of Data-Centric AI: Mastering Data Preparation for ML Success.

Fabiana Clemente is the co-founder of YData. In her experience as a Data Scientist, she developed expertise in topics such as Data Profiling, Causality, and Privacy. Passionate for data, Fabiana combines the mission of improving the data-science tool stack with making data more actionable for organizations.


Unlocking the Power of Data-Centric AI: Mastering Data Preparation for Machine Learning Success.

In the era of Foundational models, data has emerged as the competitive advantage for innovation and success. However, the journey from raw data to actionable insights is riddled with challenges. This speaking slot delves into the critical role of data-centric AI and the significance of effective data preparation in achieving optimal machine learning outcomes.

Drawing on real-world examples and industry best practices, this session explores the foundations of data-centric AI and its impact on ML development. We will discuss the importance of data quality profiling and the relevance of data cleaning and preparation.

Moreover, this speaking slot will delve into more advanced data preparation techniques, such as synthetic data generation, and how it can help boosting the performance of ML models. Synthetic can be used to impute missing data, mitigates biases or even to enable dataset augmentation and balancing, which are crucial to improve models generalization capabilities.

Whether you are a data scientist, AI enthusiast, or industry professional, this session will empower you to understand the challenges around data preparation and the organizational impact of adopting Data-Centric AI as the new paradigm for Machine Learning development.

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